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    • Last Update:2020-05-25
    • Version:001
    • Language:en


    Q: How does cloudooo define the handler to convert a PDF?
    Cloudooo uses mimetype to map it and it is defined in cloudooo.conf, under mimetype_registry property.  For example:

    mimetype_registry = 
      application/pdf * pdf
      image/* image/* imagemagick

    In this configuration, the first line means, all convertions from PDF to any format will use PDF handler and all images will use ImageMagick handler.

    Important: priority matters, first match take precedence on next lines.

    Q: Can I setup multiple instances of Cloudooo?
    A: Yes, you can. After deploy all instances, you can setup a HAProxy in the front of them. In SlapOS, there is a profile that does all configuration to get a cluster of Cloudooo. If you don't have an user account, you can follow the steps here.

    After register and access you dashboard, you can request a Cloudooo service and set how many instance you want.